“It is always amazing to discover the spirit and universe of an artiste. I am happy Har Viktor Musi made me know his own. He created his paradis : many stars, fruits, entangled tulips, leaves of many sizes and shapes, like a palette, scharp, green or red. All seem to poetically roam in an area studded with blue dots, when they are tightly regulated by a skillful and careful composition and that are transcribed using a patiently maste”.

                                                                          Daniel Alcouffe, Honorary General Curator at the Musée du Louvre, Paris.France. 2010.

“The artist Viktor Musi carefully works his paintings, distinguished by their vibrant and attractive colors that exude a captivating and flowing light”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Newspaper “Ouest France”, France. 2010.

“His figurative paintings are in motion. Nor “Futurism” nor “Art Sinetic”, but kinetic forms, which, how-to congeal in space without moving. Bizarre shapes intersect with transparent moving outbreaks similar to the cloud and all this is moving on the red-and-blue carpet, painted by own little outbreaks”.

Referencebook “Le Delarge” .“Dictionary of modern and contemporary art”. Publisher «Grund». 2001.

“Magnificent colors in the service of the Contemporary Art”.

                                                                                                 Philippe Siguret, Historian, Inspectour général of the Historie Monuments, France 2010.

       ”…Often flattered to its qualified universe of paradise by leading critics and curators, his paintings resemble sumptuous landscapes moving, colorful and poetically arranged. An original style, subject to rigorous mastery of different painting techniques”.

                                                                                                         Godefroy Corden, editor of “bold” magazine. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.2011.

“It is even” THE  PAINTING”! Viktor Musi do not try at all costs to so-called contemporary art. It should be yourself and have fun. That’s why that it becomes an artist. This seems obvious, but you’d be  surprised how many artists seeking to please someone else … It is even painting! “

Personal exhibition Viktor Musi. Catalogue “Cercle Munster”. 2006. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


“This Painter unwinds for us the threads of his voluptuous love dream lived through with lines, forms, colours and light especially the light, the light again and always which reveals to everybody his part of the shadow”.

                          Magazine  “Artclub News”. Paris. France. 2004.

“… A salute to Viktor Musi his great talent! “

                                                          Gonzague Saint Bris, writer, journalist and historian French. Paris.France.  2010.

“… all participants, and the press on this event to discover an artist of talent”.

                                                                      Dominique Bosch, organizer of the competition ” Paint Pictures on the Champs Elysées”. Paris.France. 1997.


“…i appreciate the talent of a young painter, Viktor Musi”.

Mme. Carven. Couturiere. Paris. France. 2003.

“…Our General Secretary and friend, Mr. Guy Michel P. Dudognon, went on the 9 of August of last year to visit the Art Exhibition ” Figuration Critique” which took place on “The roof of the Big Defence Arch” and was strongly impressed by your painting ” The last evening”.

                                                                                  Jacques Hablot, Prsident of the Committee ” French Merit and Devotion.” Paris. France.2000.

“The philosophical research, the surrealistic pictures, not usual. Exciting. Unforgettable. The paintings purify and force to think”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NewspaperVisnik”, Ukraine. 1991.

“All that moves in a tide of continuously moving signs and forms which plunges us into a world of permanently repeating vertigos. …Work of Victor Musi, despite its architectural strictness, offers us a continuous path in the maze of their intimate thoughts”.

                                               Gerard Xuriguera,   curator, historian of art, contemporary art critic, writer. 2001 Paris. France.

“This is not simply paintings, it is rather the work of a jeweller”.

                                                                                                   Newspaper ”Information Bulletin”, Ukraine 1997.

“The light from the inside…and the light is the lighting element which gives to his modern paintings their colour and strength of expression. It doesn’t come from outside but is emitted from the inside towards the outside”.

Newspaper “Wiesbaden Kurier”, Germany 1992.

“We have the pleasure to inform you that our Higher Awarding Commission met recently and has given you the Silver Medal in the branch of Arts”.

                                                                                                                                                                          Committee “French Merit and Devotion”, Paris. France. 2000.

“…all the participants as well as the press present about the event of the discovery of a gifted  Painter Viktor Musi”.

                                                                                              Dominique Bosch, Organiser of the Competition « Paint Pictures on the Champs Elysées », Paris.France. 1997.

“…the Painter Musi depicts the reality with colours of insurpassed strength and creates with his effects a reality which seems equally fascinathing and tranquillising”.

Newspaper ” Luxemburger Wort”, Grande Duchy of Luxembourg 1997.

“…the visions of surrealistic dreams of a Ukrainian Painter”.

                                                                                Newspaper “Taunus Zeitung”, Frankfurter Neue Presse, Germany 1994.

“His oil paintings produce a strong impression by their color and by their form. They make the pictures of figures and houses appear in compositions full of fantasy…”

                                                                                                                                                      Newspaper “Rheingau Echo”, Germany. 1992.

“The light lines define the greatest part of the work of the Peinter Musi and they are as a matter of fact the element which determines his style”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Newspaper “Wochenspiegel”, Germany. 1991.

 ”What poetic paintings ! It is a magnificent Art ! Thank you ! Thank you !”

                                                                                                              Lev Copeleff, Russian Writer, Bad-Munsteraifel. Germany. 1991.

“…Viktor Musi, the new bright star in Paris”.

                                                          Magazine  ”KyivCult”,  Kyiv. Ukraine 2003.

“When the light and the colours receive a magic force”.

                                                                Newspaper “Rhein-Main-Press”, Germany 1992.

“…abstraction and light intensity : internal world instead of form”.

                                                                                        Newspaper “Kolner Stadt-Azeiger”, Germany 1991.

“Ewery image which was painted by Viktor Musi brings out a nuge sexuality. Beautiful painting ! Many colors and movement”.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Jeff Koons, Artiste peintre, Paris.France. 2010.